Maricle's Massage Therapy - "Let me be your Miracle Worker!"
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Hi! Welcome to Maricle's Massage Therapy!
Just a quick overview of what I do. I use basic Swedish massage with other techniques incorporated, which include reflexology, trigger point, ortho-biotomy, myokinesthetic, color puncture and cupping plus more.
I work within your  pressure tolerance. If you like lots of pressure, I give you lots of pressure if you don't I won't. I don't come from the "No pain No gain" theory. I can go there if you want me to, I just don't like to hurt my clients :-)  It does not have to hurt to get better!
My goal when you come in is: if your in pain get you out of pain, if your muscles are tight get them loose and have you relax at the same time.
   I am available Monday through Saturday; I have appointments available in the mornings, afternoons and evenings.
 My office is at 3921 St. Mary's Ave. My phone number is: (402)318-2678. This is in a residential area and on the main floor.

Today is March 23,2016. I am out of the office until late June/early July on a medical leave. I am having both of my knees replaced. First knee will be replaced March 24 and hopefully the second will be replaced end of April.  If you have a Groupon that is about to expire not to worry I will honor the promotion when I am back in July. Have a great Spring!!!

Just an update: the first knee went really well. The second knee was done April 28. It is doing ok. Not as well as the first one but, each surgery is different. (May 5th)

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