Maricle's Massage Therapy - "Let me be your Miracle Worker!"
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Hi! Welcome to Maricle's Massage Therapy!
Just a quick overview of what I do. I use basic Swedish massage with other techniques incorporated, which include reflexology, trigger point, ortho-biotomy, myokinesthetic, color puncture and cupping plus more.
I work within your  pressure tolerance. If you like lots of pressure, I give you lots of pressure if you don't I won't. I don't come from the "No pain No gain" theory. I can go there if you want me to, I just don't like to hurt my clients :-)  It does not have to hurt to get better!
My goal when you come in is: if your in pain get you out of pain, if your muscles are tight get them loose and have you relax at the same time.
   I am available Monday through Saturday; I have appointments available in the mornings, afternoons and evenings.
 My office is at 3921 St. Mary's Ave. My phone number is: (402)318-2678. This is in a residential area and on the main floor.

Due to complications with credit card reader I currently am NOT taking credit/debit cards until further notice

Christmas Special ONE DAY ONLY!!

Tuesday Dec. 15th, 10am till 6pm. $35 for an hour session. Either a foot therapy session or body massage. Will be valid for 2 years. Cash or check only. Buy as many as you want!! Stop by or send a check and I will mail gift certificates or punch cards back to you.

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